Feeding Your Pond Fish

Feeding Your Pond Fish

By this time of the year, (May) and particularly down in the South of England where it will be decidedly warmer than the North! Feeding your pond fish will be very much a daily occurrence. They will have been more responsive and you will have been feeding your pond fish on wheatgerm for a few months by now also.

Feeding Your Pond Fish

The fish will be moving more freely around your pond and looking for food, although they won’t be overly enthusiastic in their feeding habits just yet. That said, it is important to think carefully about what you intend feeding your pond fish. There are many products on the market and we stock a great many alternatives HERE for you to check out.

What to Consider

One thing to take into consideration is what size food you intend feeding them. You can get large pellets, medium sized and small. Do you have a mixed blend of fish in the pond? For instance, large Koi Fish, large Goldfish and smaller fish. Are they breeding and are you keen to try and keep hold of the baby fish in your pond.

All these questions arise, and you have to make some decisions.

What I would suggest, is you either cater for the smallest fish (ie the food pellets you intend feeding you pond fish have to be of a size that they can get into their mouths), otherwise the larger fish will gorge themselves whilst the smaller ones starve and die, or used a mix of pellet sizes each day.

Personally, as I have very large Koi and a mix of large fish in one pond, along with some smaller Koi and infant fish, I feed them a mix of large Koi pellets, and smaller general good quality pellets for the other fish.

My second Fish Pond has smaller ornamental Goldfish and I generally feed them a smaller type of pellet, ensuring they can all feed on them.

I do monitor my fish when feeding, seeing if they will eat the pellets when feeding my pond fish, as you will find some fish are pretty picky and choosy when eating!

Also, don’t forget to put a lettuce in for the Koi, or a well washed orange that you cut in half and remove the pips, KOI love to suck these and eat on the veg.