Fish Pond Store

Fish Pond Store

A great many owners of ponds, (Myself included), really enjoy how they provide interest, beauty and help educate us all. added to that, ascetically, they make our gardens look much better on the eye.

It matters not if it is round preformed ponds, big preformed ponds or even preformed rectangular pond liners, the relaxing sound of water just seems to make us relax.

Let's not forget that a pond is also benefits the environment. One way is by conserving water. The lawns and garden plants all require watering. (Bet you didn't realise that regular lawn watering uses 750-1,500 gallons of water each month!).

Well, a pond can, and usually is re-filled only rainwater, (And we certainly get a lot of that!). Once it's full, we only need to keep it topped up (Rain), with the odd water change to help it all work out.

Whatever type of Pond you have or want, it is a more or less self-sustaining cycle of hydration that will make sure the plants stay healthy, and all you need to do is make sure the water level is ok.

If your Pond is overflowing and your garden plants need a drink, simply scoop the overfill of water out of the pond and give it to your plants.

It is also a great source of support for the local wildlife that live in or around your garden. They will offer a sanctuary for the breeding for indigenous wildlife, in particular Frogs, Toads, Newts and Dragonflies and such like.

When Tadpoles appear in your Pond, they are great for eating the algae, whilst the Toads will assist in controlling insects and making a lot of noise for you to listen to!

Added to all this, we have the environment and education which go hand in hand in contributing to our knowledge base. Everyone likes to learn and children in particular will be very inquisitive about exactly what is happening in their Pond.

So, there you are...many good reasons to get involved in nature. If we can be of help, then we would be very happy to to just that. Whether it is a product we can supply from Ponds, Filters, Pumps, Fish Food or much more, or by simply offering some advice, we will be there for you.

Koi Solutions Insectus 350g

Koi Solutions Insectus 350gProduct Description Koi solutions Insectus the main components of the Insectus compound Caterpillar are strung mosquito larvae, water Flohk crabs, fleas and silk. The Arttypische smell and taste stimulates the Freßverh Old Our Koi very. In the freeze dried insects existing nutrients are depicted by no need to add high quality Sojaeiweiß and wheat germ... Read More »

Oase AquaActiv Fish Medicine Anti Parasite 500ml

Oase AquaActiv Fish Medicine Anti Parasite 500mlWith the highly effective fish medical Oase AquaMed Anti Parasite that help you get the infestation of your fish with single-cell parasites.Application: • — External Nschmar Otzer (Protozoen, skin Trüber) •, relief from Ichthyo Bodo (Costia), Tricho Dina – Part of Mita Crypt OBIA Chilo Donella •, resistant to bacterial companion crane KungenSymptoms: • Grey and White... Read More »

Oase AquaActiv Antiargulus Fish Medicine, 500 ml

Oase AquaActiv Antiargulus Fish Medicine, 500 mlHigh effective and good compatible medicinal product Oase Antiargulus against Mehrzellige parasites such as carp lice, anchor worms, Kiemenkrebse and fish teethNew name – Same Product:The company Oasis, a Please the name this product have changed. This Oasis Antiargulus is all of the ingredients and the action identical to that of Oasis Anti worm.Available sizes: 500ml and... Read More »

HYDRA ENHANCE 5 KILO Montmorillonite Clay/ Bentonite Clay – Enriches Deepens Colour and Aids Fish Health

HYDRA ENHANCE 5 KILO Montmorillonite Clay/ Bentonite Clay – Enriches Deepens Colour and Aids Fish HealthMontmorillonite clay creates the perfect environment for your fish by providing essential minerals and trace elements required to greatly enhance the colour of your Koi and gold fish in your pond. Most ponds have no natural source of minerals; they are made from rubber liners, butyl, PVC, polypropylene, polyurethane, EPDM and fiberglass. What little minerals... Read More »

Vetark Professional Lice Solve, 100 g

Vetark Professional Lice Solve, 100 g... Read More »